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We are a Team of World Class Engineers

As an engineering company, we leverage on technology to bring you the best solutions when it comes to both mechanical and electrical engineering. 

We have good personnel, with training acquired both locally and internationally, so we are best suited to deliver a valuable job for your money. Our core services are: Electrical and Lighting protection, Electrical installation, plumbing and drainage systems etc.

We offer the following services

Electrical Installation

In many cases, we have seen that incorrect electrical installation can cause issues that dangerous and life-threatening. We believe that your home and business needs correct and accurate electrical installation service in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone.
We also help procure quality electrical equipment for residential and commercial buildings 

Plumbing and Drainage

At Homcon Engineering, we offer a full range of plumbing services to address issues that you might be facing. Whether you’re currently dealing with a severely clogged drain, you suspect your water heater may be malfunctioning, or you’d like to avoid future problems by scheduling a routine maintenance service, our service plumbers are prepared to help. Kindly schedule an appointment with us and we will be in touch

Electrical and Lighting protection

An adequate Electrical and lighting protection solution will will not only keep your building’s equipment and personnel safe but will also prevent any unwanted costs.
Homcon engineers design these network elements to create a path with low impedance all the way to the ground for any of the potential strikes. Such a protection system will keep your structure away from any strikes. It can also mitigate any fire hazard.

Low voltage power distribution

To serve our customers and clients reliable and high-quality power supply, we provide a quality and efficient design.
From circuit breakers and busses to enclosures, panel boards, and switchboards, we offer a full range of safe, reliable solutions for low-voltage electrical distribution applications.

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