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Home Automation - We make Homes Smart, Safe and Comfortable

Introducing Homcon Smart Homes. A true smart Home makes your life feel more easy and convenient, your home more safer, more comfortable and easy to enjoy.

Get a smart home operating system running in your home which connects all of the technology in your home – Refrigerator, Air conditioners, Water pumps, Access control, Lighting, Sound and Entertainment. So you and your family can control nearly all of your devices and system on your home, making it easier and fun to use

Features of a Smart Home

smart lights

Smart Lighting

Our smart keypads replaces the tradintional light switches to provide a stunning interface and uniqueness. Smart lighting is also perfect with any security system, turn on and off lights at intervals to simulate occupancy inside of your home while you are away.
Perfect for newly built homes or homes going through remodel.
Dim and ramp your lights with a handheld remote and your voice to turn off the entire home at night

Home Security

Safety and security brings absolute peace of mind. Always ensure that your home is kept safe and secure at all times together with what is valuable in it.
Get instant alerts when someone enters your home, also let your doorstation ring you wherever you are in the world when a visitor arrives your home.
It is also easier to check on cameras, status of door locks from your mobile device in just a tap or even with a simple voice command. Also you can arm the security system, ensuring that your home is the safest and smartest in the neighborhood 

homcon-smart home

Whole Home

Enjoy the luxury that comes with a smart home, Manage and control your lights, thermostat, shades all from one app on your mobile device – iOS or Android. Let your smart home prepare itself for your arrival, departure, morning rise or bedtime without having you to touch anything. That is convenience at its best
Let your home lit up as you arrive and let your favorite music playlist play as you rise

Distributed Audio and Video

Stream music contents from the world’s popular services in any room or every room, adjust the volume in every room and also stream music from multiple sources at the same time.
With distributed video system, distribute 4K video to every room also from multiple sources.
Browse and select what you want to play with a simple swipe 

distributed audio

Voice Control

Control almost everything in your smart home just by using your voice. With Amazon alexa or Google Assistant integrated into your smart home, you get the ability to control a specific device, a few device simultaneously or the entire home with your voice – commands are simple and natural.
Speak up, your home is listening 


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