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Extra low voltage system

As an engineering firm, we believe these systems are key in a building – LAN, CCTV, Fire alarm, Access control, Enterprise WiFi, Public address system etc because of their importance

Our Core Services

Fire Alarm

We install fire detection system in both commercial and residential buildings. Our services are available anywhere in Nigeria and it includes installation, inspection, monitoring and maintenance whenever you need them. Our experience and track record of previous projects makes us a reliable partner for your fire protection requirements

Access Control

We offer fingerprint, automated and facial bio-metric access control, attendance management etc. Our solutions provide essential security services such as authorization, identification and authentication, access approval, and accountability

Intruder Alarm System

Security systems are very vital in ensuring that we are safe and feel protected. Homcon engineering is also a security company and we place value on lives and properties, with our intruder detection system, you instantly get notified and your home automatically arms itself when someone tries to invade your home ensuring that you and your family stay safe

Public Address System

Address systems are an Essential tool in Communication throughout the Premises, and offer a Perfect Solution for Distributing Announcements over a wide area especially in hospitals, bus terminals, airports, workplaces etc. We have specialists in this field and we are able to meet specific requirements 

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